Re-Collect 2012

Re-Collect is the start of an ongoing project comprised of short video works. Drawn from both personal experience and the narratives of others, each piece depicts a discrete incident as an episode rooted in memory. By focusing attention on subtle and highly specific visual and auditory details, the work attempts to highlight the variety of ways observational and sensory input can trigger an individual to re-experience moments from their past. In doing so, the work employs a wide cross section of visual languages—at moments referencing the static, self-contained sterility of video art, while at other times branching out into a more cinematic style. Re-Collect comments on the inherent mutability of memory based on differences in its content, how it is triggered, and its chronological proximity to the present. Lastly, the pieces attempt to question the individual’s role within their own memory and its creation. The melancholic or strange subject matter of each piece further highlight one’s relationship with one’s own past and its underlying fictitious and constructed quality.